Our Vision

Meet Crystal

I want to introduce you to Crystal. Crystal is an amazingly talented Black child in Philadelphia who will reach her full potential with support from an ecosystem designed to ensure her success isn’t limited by the color of her skin or her gender. In 1st and 2nd grade, she takes a series of digital literacy classes at both her school and neighborhood recreation center. In 3rd grade, she takes her first Coded by Kids class. Crystal grows up in Coded by Kids programs, learning software development, and user experience design. As a teenager, she competes in competitive coding and pitch competitions. In 9th grade, Crystal is matched with mentors and advisors through Ben Franklin, PACT, and PSL.

Between 9th and 12th grade, Crystal participates in multiple tech–focused internships at companies throughout the city. She also receives support to prepare her for college from one of the city's excellent college access programs.

Crystal attends Drexel as a natural next step because of the pathway created through Coded by Kids. She majors in computer science without giving it a second thought because she has been preparing for it her entire childhood. While in college, Crystal receives support from Coded by Kids, along with her many mentors and advisors. She works with Draft Studios, the Coded by Kids web development shop, where she gains experience delivering real projects for real clients.

Crystal starts working on her startup idea by her sophomore year. When she isn’t in class or working at Draft Studios, she participates in PSL and PACT programs to prepare to be a founder. Immediately after graduation, she participates in an accelerator program for underrepresented founders. With support from the network of mentors and advisors that have been by her side throughout her youth, Crystal raises a pre–seed round, builds her MVP, and starts gaining traction. Because of the support from the ecosystem that has been there for her since she was in 1st grade, she builds a successful company and makes it to an exit. Crystal goes on to become a mentor and angel investor to the next Crystal.