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Without support from a passionate community of changemakers dedicated to a better Philadelphia, we can’t fight to build a more equitable city. You can support our work by becoming a funder, partner, or program volunteer.

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Fighting inequity and creating long-term change requires funders that are willing to make a financial commitment to the work. Complete the form below to sign on as a funder and show your commitment to building a more equitable Philadelphia.

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Join the OnE Philadelphia ecosystem as a partner. To fully support Philadelphia’s students on their journey to successful tech careers, we need partners along every end of the spectrum. Are you a community leader that wants to get access to programs for your neighborhood? Are you a school that wants programming for your students? Do you provide internship opportunities or job placement? Do you provide resources and mentoring for startup founders? Are you a nonprofit that provides services that underrepresented people need to overcome barriers to success? Complete the form below to join our fight against inequity in Philadelphia.

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OnE Philadelphia needs support from organizations and institutions but is fueled by individuals who are passionate about our city and creating equity and opportunity for underrepresented people. If this is you and you are interested in supporting OnE Philadelphia, please contact us using the form below.

You Are a Philadelphia Resident Looking for Opportunities in Tech
Reach your full potential. Learn more about getting the support you need to get a headstart on your tech career and remove barriers to success, including literacy help for your young student, mentoring, internship opportunities, job placement, incubator, accelerators, and funding support for your startup.

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