About OnE Philadelphia

A Letter from Coded by Kids CEO Sylvester Mobley

As the founder and CEO of Coded by Kids, I have built an organization that focuses on creating long–term transformative change by fighting inequity through technology and innovation education. My work and my life center around building true equity for populations underrepresented in tech.

My organization focuses on addressing the roots of systemic racial inequity by making long–term commitments to our young people. We work to ensure the young people in our programs have access to the futures they deserve and not just a job.

At the heart of my work is my commitment to building one Philadelphia.

Why one Philadelphia? When you look at our city, there are two vastly different realities that Philadelphians experience based on the color of their skin. In one Philadelphia, the education, justice, and economic systems work against you to limit your chances of success. In the other Philadelphia, you are limited only by your talent and drive—this is the Philadelphia that I believe we must work towards. It’s this Philadelphia that should be the reality for all Philadelphians.

The only way we get to the one Philadelphia that I believe in, that we all believe in, is to commit to working together to produce lasting transformative change. We must commit to having the courage to do what we’ve never done before. We must commit to building true equity in the City of Philadelphia regardless of how difficult it may be.

How Does OnE Philadelphia Work?

OnE Philadelphia connects funders, employers, schools, and community organizations together to build an equitable tech and innovation education system for Philadelphia residents. The goal is to provide the resources and support needed for Philadelphia residents to succeed in tech and innovation careers.

OnE Philadelphia provides opportunities for financial empowerment to people usually left behind.

And for Philadelphia, it will create an equitable tech and innovation talent pipeline.

Three Key Strategies
1. Build an integrated tech education, skill development, and experiential learning ecosystem that targets high–growth opportunity careers.
2. Build the infrastructure needed to support an integrated ecosystem.
3. Change the way underrepresented Philadelphians look at tech and innovation to change the culture of our city.

The Team Leading OnE Philadelphia

OnE Philadelphia is a Coded by Kids initiative. Coded by Kids is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit fighting inequity by preparing underrepresented young people to succeed as tech and innovation leaders through project–based learning and mentorship. Our programs are designed to provide young people with beginner to advanced level software development, data science, and user experience design skills.